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Erik's flying colours

It is all about colors...
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How to prepare cubes:

General stores:

Which cubes? And where to buy?

Like in every sport, the material you use is important. The quality of the puzzles you use will not increase your talent, but will help you utilizing your talents to the max.
Because there are a LOT of different cubes to choose from, plus it can be hard to find where to get them (cheap) I made a list of the ones I use

Besides good puzzles, maintaining your puzzles is also important. For that check out the lube and preparation page.

Cube Brand Shop
2x2 LanLan LINK
3x3 Dayan Guhong LINK
4x4 Mini QJ LINK
5x5 V-Cube LINK
6x6 V-Cube LINK
7x7 V-Cube LINK
Pyraminx Mefferts type 2 LINK
Megaminx Mefferts LINK