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Beginners Solution

My 7.08 sec European record!

Welcome to "flying colours"...

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Hi, I'm Erik Akkersdijk. Current vice-world champion and European Record holder in solving a normal Rubik's Cube. This website is here to help you solving the Rubik's Cube (much much faster!).

After a long period of having no website at all I decided to give it another go and revive my old website. I'm still working on it during the little free time I have so be patient when a page is not done yet.


The first signs of life are showing again!

Another big big update
Due to being busy and because most updates are short ones you can find on my facebook page (check it and become friends Here I accept all friend requests on this facebook and I check it almost daily.
Dutch Championships This weekend the Dutch National Championship was held in Zwolle. With an average of 11.57 I won, but in the first round I had an average of 10.49 placing me 2nd at the 'average of 5' for the 3x3 cube. I also got some Dutch records: 0.88 magic, 26 moves for Fewest Moves Challenge, 1:10.43 on 5x5 (this is also a new European Record), 15.69 One-Handed (check the video 15.69 OH) and 2:46.xx average on 6x6. My best single time at the competition was 8.33 which was non-lucky! This is now the non-lucky world record.

World Championships Some short words about world championships 2009. The answer to the question most people will ask is: I became 2nd at 3x3. Breandan Vallance from Scotland won and Tomasz Zolnowski from Poland ended 3rd. Other podium places for me were at: 4x4 (3rd and GRRRR), 5x5 (2nd), 6x6 (3rd) and feet (2nd). It was a very cool competition, but sadly I was so busy with competing I didn't have time to make any pictures or videos. Vids and pics made by others can be found at the WCA official page.

Time for a big update!
First of all I now have a twitter where I'm putting some stuff on sometimes. It's just a little experiment, but so far I don't really like it. Dont'expect too much of it: Twitter

Then of course I came back from Madrid open 2009 where I had a really good time. Check out my Facebook for pictures and check on the Results page for the results.

I've also uploaded 3 new videos, one of a 2-4 relay which I did in Madrid. A 6.28 solve (it was a very easy scramble) and a video of when we were messing around while driving to a Pizzahut at Arnaud's meeting. Check out my Youtube for the videos!.

A little late here, but I want to show MJ a last honour here. You've been an inspiration for me with some of your songs and I admire your work. I'm sad your life was hard, hope you are in a better place now

Back from busy and weekend-ish stuff. Currently I'm on my 2nd last week of school for this year so it's busy business... or at least more busy than normal.
I recently got 2000+ subscribers on youtube thank you all for subscribing!
A new video will come soon about some random non-cubing stuff, I'll make it when I ehm... make it. Probably before the weekend.

Big news I decided to try to be more up to date here on my blog.

I'll try to post something every other day if I can with some cube news or other things I'd like to share with all of you.
Todays video, a few shots of the meeting at Arnaud's place last weekend.
I hope Rama will upload his awesome funny video soon. We were messing with other cars with pretending to have a fight :P

15-05-09 Finally a little update on my website!
Currently I am very busy with other things, cubing a bit less also. Just to let you know that I'm still cubing and active. On my Youtube are still videos uploaded once in a while. I'm a youtube partner now!
Besides this I also created a Facebook of myself the cuber (I also have a personal one but I will not accept you there probably). Hope to see you all on competitions soon!

29-09-08 I got back from Dutch Masters 2008 which I won! Average of 12.74 in the finals which could've been better of course. It was a really cool competition with a very nice venue. We played a lot of tabletennis and foosball there! Also I broke the 4x4 single WR with 43.72 seconds (click to see the video on youtube). Sadly I missed the 5x5 WR avg with 0.09 of a second...
Congratulations to Oliver 'Jesus' Perge and Guus Razoux-Schultz for their magic single (0.84 sec) and FMC (27 moves) WR!!!

03-08-08: Today I made sure there were no dead links anymore redirecting to all kinds of weird pages. They all show a 'this site is not done' page now when clicking on it. Also I resised one of the images on the main page so that it only shows a thumbnail and not a big picture that's resised. Should make the loading of the main page quicker! (Thanks to Stefan Pochmann for this)

18-07-08: Yesterday I completed the TuRBo method from the Blindfolded section.
Also I finished today the nice BEGINNERS tutorial for all the new cubers! I hope all you girls (and boys) will find it usefull! This is done in cooperation with the youtube videos from Arnaud van Galen, also from The Netherlands.

17-07-08: Wohoo, finally I'm putting something here. My appologies for playing dead for a while. I wasn't really into site making anymore, nor did I have the time for it. There is so much to tell and so much to do here. As you see I changed the title news to news/blog. I figured those 2 were already combined a little and this way I don't have to make new sub-pages for everything I post here.
Where to start? Of course I just came back from Czech Open 2008 which was maybe my most favorite tournament ever! Great results for 3x3 there for me, a 11.55 avg a 12.26 avg a 11.50 avg, winning 3x3 AND not to forget my new 7.08 WORLDRECORD!! Check out the video of the WR Right here.
I could not have done it without the distraction and support of Mišel I think!
She was such a nice and friendly and beautiful girl, I really hope to meet her again! I think she brought me luck. Many thanks and kisses to her!
(and even more thanks for scanning this page of the local newspaper and send it to me!)

18-12-07: I came back from Swedish Cube Day 2007. I won 4x4, 5x5, feet, megaminx and 2x2OH(not official). World records: me: megaminx avg(1:14.02) and single(1:12.59) 5x5 avg(1:36.71) and single(1:30.03), Matyas Kuti: 4x4BLD(5:26.03). Full results The 5x5 Solves My best 3x3 solve(9.94)!

24-11-07: I came back from the Dutch Championship. I won the 3x3, BLD and FMC events. Congratulations to Ron van Bruchem for breaking my WR with a new best time of 9.55 seconds! Full results

19-10-07: Joel van Noort and me broke the unofficial world record for teamsolving check it out Here

14-10-07: I came back from the Dutch Open 2007 (Eindhoven). I had some great results with among them the World Record for 3x3! (9.77) Check out the video Here and both megaminx WR's again. Also the ER for 5x5 single. For full results check: Here

11-10-07: I decided to publish my TuRBo method for BLD cubing: Check it out

10-10-07: I came back from the World Championship 2007 (Budapest). I had a great time there, read my report at:Here

18-07-07: I came back from Czech Open 2007 (Pardubice) which I won! It was a great competition with great results for me, especially on the first day (with the main events). Full results: Here

28-03-07: I added a CLL and ELL section, updated the tutorial page, and some other stuff like the logo, and top menu.

27-03-07: I updated all my OLL's and PLL's I use. Also I updated the images. If you click on them you get a nice applet (thx to Joel van Noort).

26-02-07: I just came back from Belgium Open 2007 (brussels), it was awsome! Full results: Here

29-01-07: My site has moved (once again), cause I don't have access to my school account (because I'm no longer in that shool). I hope it can stay here for years :)

16-01-07: Updated the video section, you can see some movies made at home (which are faster than those made in Paris)

I wish you all a happy new year!!

18-12-06: Made a new megaminx tutorial, see the tutorial page. Also updated some PLL's.

06-11-06: Updated my OLL and PLL pages.

28-10-06: Just got back from Dutch Championship in Eindhoven. Full results: Here

15-10-06: Just got back from Dutch Open 2006 in Delft. National records: megaminx: 1:53.79 single, megaminx, 2:05.49 mean of 3.
Full results: Here

25-09-06: I just got back from the European Championship 2006 in Paris. National records: 2x2 single: 4.04, 2x2 avg of 5: 6.23, megaminx: 2:04.88 single, megaminx mean of 3: 2:09.39, 3x3 with feet: 2:25.03, magic single: 1.32 (shared with Alexander Ooms)

For full results visit the European Championship page: Here

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